July 18, 2013



UK Weather Forecasts has moved to our own domain. This gives us more flexibility on design & adds a more personal touch.

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May 11, 2013


Thunderstorm Watch


Valid: Saturday 11th May 2013

Issued For: Heavy Thundery Showers, Locally Severe


An active cold front pushing Eastwards during the course of this afternoon combined with weak deep layer sheer, CAPE of 500-900 J/KG and a LIFTED INDEX of -2/-3 will produce isolated heavy thundery showers in the highlighted areas.

Areas in the 40% risk zone may see these showers include hail & gusty winds. One or two cells may develop supercell characteristics due to the deep layer sheer and this brings a low risk of funnel clouds or weak tornadoes.

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April 25, 2013


Spring Put on Hold

The weather has been absolutely stunning for some parts of the country these last couple of days with temperatures typically around 17-22c across the board. Unfortunately that’s not going to last and we’re going to be reminded just how quickly our weather can change.

Through the course of Thursday a weather front sitting across the bulk of England and Wales will keep things generally cloudy with light patchy rain. To the North of this weather front Scotland should enjoy some gorgeous late April sunshine with temperatures around 10c, further South across Southern England we’re going to hang onto the sunshine and warmth with highs of around 21c.

Through Thursday night and into Friday however it’s all change, the weather front will gradually sink Southwards across the country introducing cooler air to all of us, as the charts below indicate.

The cooler air however will bring plenty of sunshine across the country through Saturday with wall to wall sunshine for many of us, temperatures typically no higher than 12c so feeling considerably cooler than we’ve become used to of late.

During Sunday we’ll begin to see more in the way of cloud moving into Scotland, Northern Ireland and Northern England as a weak weather front pushes in. This maybe thick enough to produce one or two wintry showers across higher levels of Scotland though dying out as it moves further South into Monday.

Here’s the weekend summary.


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April 20, 2013


Turning Colder Towards The Weekend

With the warmer Spring-Like weather we’re having at the moment it’s easy to forget that we are still in April and things can change very quickly with the weather. The modelsĀ have been hinting at something colder towards next weekend and that indeed remains the case. High Pressure developing in the Atlantic will allow colder air […]

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