We may only be in September but it looks like we’re going to have just a taste of winter as we move through the course of this week and into the weekend. At the moment we have an area of high pressure building Northwards towards Greenland in the Atlantic and we have an area of low pressure moving Southwards just to the North-East of the United Kingdom. When these systems come together like this we see winds turning around to come from a Northerly direction, although at this time of year its unlikely to be cold enough for snow away from the Scottish Highlands, under clear skies night time temperatures may drop to, or close to freezing across Northern and Central parts of England allowing for night time frosts to develop.

Once we reach Thursday, the Northerly that the models have been predicting for quite a number of days now will be getting into full swing.

Here are the night time temperatures for Thursday. Now we have to remember that these temperatures really only show the larger towns and cities, but get away from the cities and out into the countryside, we’ll probably be looking at temperatures down to around 2-3c which is just about cold enough to see some frosts developing.


So, things turning a little cooler this week as a brief Northerly wind develops allowing some night time frosts to begin to develop, especially across Central and Northern parts. Wintry showers will also be possible across the tops of the Scottish Highlands, we could have blizzard conditions for a time across the peaks of the mountains due to strong winds associated with the low pressure system to our North-West.