Just a few days ago we were talking about frosts and the first Northerly of the season. Today however it looks like summer will have one last push in a desperate attempt to cling on as high pressure builds to the East of the United Kingdom. When this setup occurs winds come from a Southerly direction and even at this time of year, that can mean things turning warmer.

500hPa Pressure chart for Wednesday 22nd September

The temperature chart for Wednesday show temperatures in the region of 22-25c. Which isn’t bad for this time of year.

Temperatures for Wednesday 22nd September

Forecast Period: Sunday 19th – Thursday 23rd September

High pressure building through Sunday, Monday and Tuesday so becoming increasingly settled and indeed warmer across Southern and Central regions. Temperatures responding well with highs perhaps reaching 25c across parts of the South-East with some good sunny spells likely. Further North however it’s likely to be slightly cooler and more changeable with spells of rain pushing into the North-West. Towards the end of the period there is a chance we could see some thundery outbreaks across the South-West and Central Southern England as an area of low pressure approaches, however this will be forecast closer to the time if needed.

Longer Outlook: Friday 24th – 30th September

Looking further ahead, current indications suggest high pressure will build Northwards in the Atlantic again, and a low pressure system pushing Southwards into the North Sea will bring our second Northerly of the season, this one could be potentially more potent than the last with frosts becoming widespread and wintry showers affecting the Highlands once again. We will cover this period in more detail when things become clearer.