The weather has turned noticeably cooler in the last couple of days and that cool theme looks set to stick around until at least early next week, particularly across more Northern areas where we’re likely to see further wintry showers across higher ground, we could even see a wintry mix across lower levels in the North through Wednesday and into Thursday. What can we expect beyond that though?

Early indications are suggesting that we will see a return to Atlantic driven weather at the turn of the new month, with areas of low pressure bringing in bands of rain accompanied by some strong winds from time to time during the first week of November. Like at the beginning of this month however I think the Atlantic weather is likely to be temporary, and as we move into the second and third week of November it’s likely to turn increasingly settled with high pressure building to our North-West, this is likely to bring in cooler air from the North and North-East which could bring some areas across Eastern parts their first snow showers of the season. Overall I think November will turn out to be average-slightly below average in terms of temperature and rainfall.

At this early stage, December is possibly looking to shape up as a particularly cold month.