Severe Weather Warning Issued

November 10, 2010

Weather Warnings

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Severe Weather Warning Issued

Valid: Thursday 11th November 00:00 – Friday 12th November 13:00

Issued For: Heavy Rain, Damaging Winds

Due to a slight shift South in the tracking of this low pressure system since I first pointed out the risks in an earlier article, the worst affected areas look likely to be across Northern England, Northern Midlands and Northern Wales. Here we could see gusts up to 75mph, perhaps even 80mph in exposed locations. Along with some fairly intense rainfall through Thursday across Wales, North-West England and South-West Scotland, where we could see some localized flooding.

Scotland has been downgraded due to the tracking of this system Scotland is likely to be under the center of the low, so although winds will be fairly strong to start off with, perhaps gusting up to 55mph in exposed locations, it will turn calmer fairly quickly as the low moves in.

Further South, winds gusting 45-55mph across the central bulk of the country, perhaps slightly higher across Western Coastal areas, a spell of heavy rain will push through during Thursday which could pose a risk to drivers.

Further South still, we’ll be furthest away from the low pressure system so although heavy rain and strong winds are still likely, especially across Southern Coastal areas, I’ve issued an advisory.



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