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Flash Extreme Weather Warning Issued

Valid: Thursday 11th November 17:30 – Friday 12th November 08:00

Issued For: Severe Gale Force Winds, Damaging Gusts and Heavy Rain

This extreme warning has been issued in conjunction with the Severe Weather warning already issued below. Through this evening, overnight and into the early hours of Friday morning a very deep area of low pressure is expected to track across Northern Parts of Scotland bringing heavy rain and some severe gale force winds across parts of the country.

Recent updates suggest severe and damaging gale force winds are likely across Northern England and North-West England (Areas shaded purple) which is why I have decided to issue an extreme weather warning. Gusts in the region of 70-80mph are expected across this region through tonight and into the early hours of Friday morning, gusts of 85-90mph cannot be ruled out in exposed locations. If you are in this area you are advised not to travel unless absolutely necessary.

Areas in the red zone have been issued with a severe weather warning for tonight and into the early hours of tomorrow morning. Gale-Severe gale force winds are expected along with heavy rain showers.

Scotland has been issued with a regular weather warning as the low pressure is expected to track across Northern Scotland which will calm things down a little, having said that, heavy rain and gusts of up to 55mph are still expected through this evening.

The South coast has also been issued with a weather warning, strong winds could coincide with high tides causing rough seas and minor coastal flooding, Gusts of up to 45mph are expected overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning.