The models are continuing to forecast the Northern Blocking and in recent days, they’ve actually upgraded the cold potential across the United Kingdom. These are some of the best synoptics I think I have ever seen, in fact, I’d go as far as to say the synoptics we’re seeing on the charts at the moment are better than anything we saw last winter in terms of cold and snow potential and if they were to verify, the United Kingdom and Europe would be plunged into a prolonged, snowy cold spell.

High Pressure to the North across Greenland and Iceland diverting the low pressure systems Southwards and allowing a bitterly cold North-Easterly wind to develop. Now this of course is not set in stone and things do and probably will change, however the models are growing in agreement with each other and they are being very consistent, perhaps more consistent than usual in terms with building heights to our North and allowing the Arctic Flood gates to open. Are we on the brink of a bitterly cold and snowy cold spell? Or will it or go wrong and downgrade as the models begin to move this into the reliable time frame? We’ll have to wait and see, but one things for sure, the next week is going to be very interesting in terms of model watching.