I’ve been talking about the potential for quite a potent and snowy cold snap for this time of year in my recent articles, and it can now be said with a fair amount of confidence that a large part of the United Kingdom will be seeing snow between the period Wednesday 24th – Tuesday 30th November. What happens beyond then is still unclear, some models are suggesting we’ll see a breakdown as we move into December, but other models are showing a continuation of this cold spell.

Through early next week winds will be coming in from an Easterly direction bringing gradually cooler air in from the East, the real cold air will arrive through Wednesday and Thursday and its from here onwards that we’re likely to see an increasing amount of snowfall.  The worst affected areas at this stage look likely to be across Northern and Eastern areas where we could see some significant accumulations in a very unstable and cold North-Easterly airflow so don’t be surprised to see snow showers merging to bring more prolonged and heavy snowfall.

I’m currently keeping a close eye on developments for Thursday and into Friday, a small area of low pressure or Shortwave Feature as I like to call them has been showing up on the models and due to the colder air in place, this has the potential to bring some heavy sleet and snow across North-East Scotland, down across Eastern Counties and into East Anglia, at the moment exact details are unclear, but I think we’ll even see some snow showers, some heavy making there way down into the London area and the South-East towards the end of the week. Further West its looking generally dry and bright, but very cold with night time temperatures dropping below zero.

So lots to keep up with over the next couple of days, I’ll issue a snowfall risk map closer to the time when the details of snowfall amounts and the areas the snowfall is likely to affect becomes clearer.

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