Scenes like this will become a common occurance across some parts of the UK over the next 10 days

We’ve been talking about cold weather and increasing amounts of snow for roughly around a week now, and with the cold air expected to finally reach the United Kingdom through tomorrow (Wednesday) the question on everybodies lips is “Will I have snow?” The worst affected areas look likely to be across Northern and Eastern coastal areas to begin with, but I think as we move towards the end of the week and into the weekend snow will become increasingly widespread to many other areas across the country. Lets take you through the forecast day by day to give you a better idea of whats likely to happen.

Through Wednesday, showers, mostly of rain to begin with will be affecting Eastern Coastal areas and down into East Anglia, these showers are expected to turn increasingly to sleet and snow, initially over higher ground but this likely to spread down to lower levels towards the evening, particularly in the North. A small disturbance will also be bringing some showers into South-West England and up into Wales, however these are likely to fall mostly as rain.

Through Thursday a slightly more organised areas of showers looks likely to affect Eastern Coastal areas and down into East Anglia, these are likely to fall as a wintry mix of rain, sleet and snow to extreme coastal fringes, but head a little further inland and they are likely to be falling mainly of snow, accumulations are not expected to lower levels but don’t be surprised to see a dusting across areas above 100m. Some of these showers may push down into South-Eastern England, again these are likely to be of sleet and rain at first, but they will turn increasingly to snow as the day goes on, perhaps giving a light dusting here and there over higher ground.

Friday is when things become tricky and uncertain, the latest model outputs suggest we’ll see a shortwave system pushing Southwards across the United Kingdom bringing some heavy snowfall to some areas, this system will have a warm sector associated with it which means some areas may only see a wintry mix turning to snow, and some areas will see snow from the word go. At the moment, it looks like Wales, Western Midlands extending down into South-West England will see at first a wintry mix, but this should readily turn increasingly to snow through Friday night, further East across Eastern Midlands, East Anglia and the South-East this is likely to fall as snow, perhaps giving accumulations of up to 5cm in some places, the models them show this system stalling over South-East England through Saturday giving further snowfall perhaps adding a further 2-3cm over higher ground. This is still very uncertain at the moment so I will update the blog and talk more in-depth about this system when it becomes clear.