Snow Storm Ahoy’?

November 25, 2010

Weather Forecasts

During the last two days or so we’ve seen showers turning increasingly to snow across many Eastern parts of the United Kingdom and this is expected to continue over the coming few days. The areas most at risk will continue to be across Eastern areas and down into East Anglia thanks to than onshore breeze, our attention also turns to Wales and South-West England through the afternoon on Friday, an area of rain, sleet and increasingly of snow looks likely to push a little further inland which could give a covering of snow across higher levels.

Through the weekend winds are expected to change to a more North-Easterly direction which could bring further heavy snow showers further inland across Eastern areas, East Anglia and increasingly the South-East.

Beyond that, the models are starting to pick up on an area of low pressure which has the potential to bring some very significant snowfall, perhaps even blizzards across some parts of the United Kingdom through Tuesday and into Wednesday. At this stage however the tracking is still very uncertain, some models are suggesting it could track into France which would bring heavy snow and strong winds to many Southern areas, other models are suggesting this area of low pressure will push further North, bringing rain across Southern areas and pushing that significant snow risk Northwards into Wales and indeed the Midlands. I’ll be monitoring this weather system over the next few days and as soon as the tracking and snowfall potential become clear, i’ll let you know. Until then, enjoy the the snow showers if you do get them, if not, enjoy the crisp winter sunshine.



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2 Comments on “Snow Storm Ahoy’?”

  1. Bradley Says:

    Will the North-West get any of this snow? Most of the UK seems forecast for snow, but we have none forecast at all, and haven’t had any yet.


  2. Snow mad Says:

    Hi you may think me mad but I live in Boston Lincs will we get any snow at all


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