Winter Bites Hard

November 28, 2010

Weather Forecasts

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for the lack of updates over the last couple of days, I’ve been very busy but i’ll try and get the updates flowing over the next couple of days. The winter storm I mentioned a couple of days ago is now looking very unlikely, instead, it’s going to be staying South and moving into France and this is likely to bring stronger East/North-Easterly winds which will almost certainly bring heavy snowfall.

The worst effecting areas are of course likely to be along Eastern facing coasts, however due to the strength of the winds I think these snow showers are likely to push inland bringing many areas some snow through the course of the week. When we have strong, unstable Easterly flows bringing bitterly cold air over a relatively warm North Sea, something called convection takes place and when this happens, showers have an high chance of merging and bringing more significant snowfall to some areas. So if you havent seen snow yet, you may very well do so through the course of the week. Eastern Counties, East Anglia and South-East England are likely to see the worst of the snowfall with accumulations possibly reaching 25-30cm over the higher ground, lower levels can expect accumulations in the region of 5-10cm, although these will probably be higher in some areas.

Further West although its likely to be a little drier, it will remain very cold with severe frosts likely to develop, if you’re a snow lover and you live in the West, don’t worry, snow showers and troughs developing in the unstable Easterly flow could very well push further West at times.



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7 Comments on “Winter Bites Hard”

  1. Stuart Says:

    How long will the Cold last and will it be another snowy Christmas Period.


  2. Bradley Says:

    We’ve had a CM of snow over the past 2 hours or so here in eastern Lancashire. Hopefully we’ll have much more in the morning!


  3. Daniel Smith Says:

    The cold looks set to last at least until the end of this week and probably beyond. The breakdown is yet to start showing up on the models.

    Snow showers will continue to pack into Eastern areas through Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


  4. Stuart Says:

    Tonight, a front looks set to come towards Glasgow. It should fall as snow.


  5. Bradley Says:

    A good 3 or 4 cm of snow here in Lancashire now. With some heavy snow forecast for tonight! I expect chaos on the roads tomorrow as the slush turns to ice overnight.


  6. Stuart Says:

    Daniel, It would be great if you could update your Christmas Weather and UK Winter sections. I am eager to know if we are heading for another cold snap around xmas.


  7. Daniel Smith Says:

    I’ll update the Christmas page in a couple of days. It does look likely the cold weather will return sometime around the 20th after a brief milder spell, so Christmas at this stage is looking cold and frosty with snowfall affecting some parts of the United Kingdom.


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