More Snowfall to Come for Many

December 1, 2010

Weather Forecasts

If you don’t like snow, then I suggest you look away now. The cold weather isnt set to go away just yet and theres more snow on the way over the next 48 hours. Through the course of today and through Thursday snow showers will continue to affect Eastern Counties, East Anglia and the South-East, these snow showers likely to be heavier across more Northern Areas and they do look likely to push further inland as the time goes on.

It’s through Wednesday night and into Thursday though that our attention turns to more South-Eastern areas, a disturbance in the flow looks likely to bring further heavy and significant snow to many areas across the South-East perhaps giving us a further 5-6inches in places, particularly over higher ground and since some areas already have close to a foot of snow, disruption is likely to continue. The truth is, just about anywhere could see some snowfall over the next 48-72 hours, though the worst of that snow as always, likely to be across the Eastern side of the United Kingdom so if you’re living in the East, prepare for more disruption and take extreme caution whilst out on the roads, its very dangerous out there.

Beyond that and into the weekend, it does look like it could turn slightly milder across Southern areas, Northern areas look likely to hold onto the colder weather for a little while longer yet, however the models are now suggesting the cold could return to all areas as we move into next week so theres still some uncertainty on whether this is just a brief mild spell before the colder weather returns or whether this is the end to the cold spell. I’ll update you when things become clearer. Until then, if you have the snow and you’ve managed to get the day off work or school, enjoy it.



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