Snow Becoming Less Widespread

December 2, 2010

Weather Forecasts

It has to be said that the current cold spell to grip the United Kingdom has brought unbelievable amounts of snow to some areas. Many Eastern and South-Eastern areas have seen snowfall totals in excess of 1 foot which doesn’t usually happen in the middle of winter, let alone at the end of November/beginning of December. Some areas havent seen this amount of snowfall since 1987 which is truly incredible. Does this mean winter is likely to be cold? I’ll be releasing my winter forecast tomorrow afternoon.

So what can we expect in the coming weeks? Well, this cold spell is likely to losen its grip slightly over the weekend, especially across Southern areas where we’re likely to see further snowfall but it will turn increasingly to sleet and rain as slightly milder air moves in, snowfall could be fairly heavy across the Midlands Northwards through Saturday before easing off into the evening, this is something that we’ll be monitoring over the next few days.  Having said that, it does look like we will see a return to colder, albeit less snowy conditions next week across many areas with fog and frost becoming a problem, rather than snowfall, so turning less snowy towards the weekend and through next week but remaining cold with temperatures generally in the region of 0-4c across the country.

There are now increasing signs that we’ll see a return to Northern Blocking towards the period 14-20th December, at this stage the depth of the cold is certainly not clear, however I am growing increasingly confident that after a brief return to slightly less cold, settled weather, we will see a return to arctic conditions from mid month onwards.

My winter forecast is a little late due to monitoring this snowy weather across the country, and it will be updated tomorrow afternoon.



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One Comment on “Snow Becoming Less Widespread”

  1. john Says:

    Hey great website
    i love to read your great forecasts
    cant wait to see your winter 2010-11 forecast keep up the great work
    john Dublin Ireland


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