Turning Much Colder, Widespread Snow and Ice

December 14, 2010

Weather Forecasts

Turning much colder towards the end of this week, snow and ice will affect many

After a brief thaw in the cold weather across many parts of the country, the colder weather looks likely to return with a vengeance as we move towards the end of the week and into the weekend as High Pressure once again builds into the Atlantic and extends up towards Greenland.

The change in our weather will come on Thursday, an active cold front pushing Southwards across the country will bring a spell of heavy rain for many, this rain could turn to sleet and snow on the back edge, particularly over higher ground. The main problem will be the speed in which temperatures drop behind the heavy rain and this is likely to cause problems with ice across a large part of the country for Friday morning.

Through Friday strong North/North-West winds will bring heavy snow showers across Northern Ireland, Eastern Scotland, North-West England and these showers perhaps extending down towards Wales and South-West England through the day, accumulations of 1-5cm seem probable, 10cm locally. Further East it’ll be generally dry with snow showers flirting with Eastern Coastal areas from time to time.

Beyond Friday, it looks likely to remain cold and frosty with mist and fog affecting Western and Central areas. It looks likely that an area of low pressure systems called the “Polar Vortex” will push South across the country through the weekend, this could bring some heavy, significant snowfalls to some areas. The cold weather is expected to last up towards the Christmas period with no real sign of any milder weather pushing in.



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5 Comments on “Turning Much Colder, Widespread Snow and Ice”

  1. john Says:

    Great times ahead for cold lovers lets hope lots of snow too


  2. Stuart Says:

    Certainly, clues about how widespread this event are unclear. But I am excited about the potential of a Polar Vortex. Though it may not effect Glasgow with lots of snow. Soem charts are indicating the atlantic arriving by the 23rd. That will blow away any chances of PWS’s 100% certain White Christmas out of the window. Hope Not.


  3. Snow mad Says:

    Let’s hope the cold predictions holds out this time. Would love snow over the Xmas holiday. What are the prediction for the rest of the winter


  4. Stuart Says:

    Will there be any snow for Central Scotland?


  5. Daniel Smith Says:

    Central Scotland looks to be one of the driest places at the moment i’m afraid with snow showers generally confined to Coastal areas. At least, for the weekend, theres no telling whats in store for next week.


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