Remaining Very Cold – Significant Snowfall

December 17, 2010

Weather Forecasts

This forecast is very difficult indeed to make, and I don’t have a lot of confidence in it. The models have been handling things very poorly in recent days, Saturdays snowfall is still uncertain and it’s just over 12 hours way. I think the most likely areas to be affected by the snowfall tomorrow will be areas South of the M4, so South-West England, Central Southern England and South-East England. Extreme coastal areas may see sleet/wet snow, though I think even here snow is likely to settle. Accumulations will range from 5-10cm with local accumulations of 20-25cm. Further North it’ll be generally dry, cold with snow showers flirting with coastal areas.

Through into Sunday another low pressure system looks likely to push along Southern England, again there is a lot of uncertainty about this system and a slight shift in track will mean the difference between heavy rain and heavy snow, so this situation will have to be closely monitored, in fact, another Low Pressure system looks likely for Monday, but I’m can’t go into detail about this yet.

So over the next 3-4 days, significant snowfall likely across Southern areas, this perhaps extending Northwards into parts of Wales and the Midlands, elsewhere cold and dry, but always the risk of some snow showers popping up out of no where. The trend through this week and towards Christmas is for things to remain cold with further snowfall in places.

If you’re worried about the snowfall, I’d advice you to keep up-to date with your local weather forecasts and radio forecasts, they see new model information far quicker than I have access too, though please bare in mind even the expert forecasters are really struggling with such a complex weather pattern.



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12 Comments on “Remaining Very Cold – Significant Snowfall”

  1. Zakos Says:

    You say that areas south of the m4 will be affected by snow, and this is in agreement with the UKMO. However, many other weather sites now show heavy snowfall moving in to the south midlands aswell, giving significant snowfalls in my area (Wellingborough, Northants).

    Is there a decent chance of us at least getting 5cm of snow between now and Tuesday?


  2. Bradley Says:

    I live near Burnley, will we get any of the snow in the coming days? We haven’t had any accumulations since last Thursday now.


  3. Matthew Says:

    how long does the polar vortex look likely to stick around for?


  4. Daniel Smith Says:

    Hi Zakos, when I updated this article the models were not really showing much for the South-Midlands, however in updates in the last couple of hours, the snow on Saturday could extend into the South Midlands giving 1-5cm. Beyond that its uncertain, it really does depend on the tracking of the low pressure systems.

    Hi Bradley, there is a chance of you seeing some snowfall through this morning and into the afternoon (Saturday) though it will tend to be fairly localized further North.

    Hi Matthew, at the moment it looks like it could extend towards the New Year


  5. Snow mad Says:

    Hi sorry to bother you but I live in Boston Lincs do you think we will be getting an snow soon. We have not had any yet.


  6. Zakos Says:

    Thanks and yes I see now the models are chopping and changing constantlty


  7. Bradley Says:

    Thanks for the quick reply Daniel. We’ve had about 5CM of snow, but it’s stopped for now. Hope we get some more this afternoon!


  8. Zakos Says:

    The models now show 10cm for my area!


  9. Daniel Smith Says:

    Hi Snow Mad, I think you will see some snow, if not today, then at some point over the next couple of days.

    Zakos, yep this mornings models show you being in a good area to see 10cm of snowfall, this just goes to show how things are constantly changing.


  10. Stuart Says:

    Well, Well the end of next week looks interesting. On Thursday, a front originating from Iceland may reach Scotland but it’s the Atlantic one which is interesting. It seems oncourse to arrive during either Christmas Eve or Day and when it meets the cold air, we could expect some heavy snowfall for a time. Some of the models are also indicating and high over Scandinavia. Interesting Times.


  11. Daniel Smith Says:

    Yeah definitely đŸ™‚ though I’d urge caution when looking that far out, we didn’t really know what was happening today until last night, and even then things have change slightly this morning. Tomorrows potential snow in the South now looks to stay South of the UK, though if you want the cold to continue, that’s a good thing.


  12. john Says:

    hey any snow for dublin ireland we have none at all


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