Snow Focus Shifts North-Eastwards

December 18, 2010

Weather Forecasts

The snow in the last couple of days has mostly been affecting Western and Southern areas with some fairly significant snowfall across some areas, these areas look likely to see a rest from the snow on Sunday, though theres always the risk of the odd snow flurry here and there. Instead, our focus turns to more North-Eastern areas for the snowfall as winds turn slightly more Easterly allowing snow to push in off of the North Sea. The charts below show the areas most at risk from that snowfall on Sunday.

General accumulations of 4-8cm seem likely, though this could be closer to 15cm where these showers become frequent and particularly across higher levels. Beyond Sunday, the risk of snow looks likely to return to Southern areas through Monday and Tuesday, there is some uncertainty about the track of these systems but they do have the potential to bring some further significant snowfalls to some areas. Through Wednesday once again this risk looks to extend across the Eastern side of the United Kingdom, though it’ll be several more days before we firm up on that.

The cold weather looks likely to last into Christmas, there are signs of the Atlantic breaking through on Boxing Day, though again this is very uncertain and it wouldn’t surprise me if we see the cold being extended further as we go through the week.



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6 Comments on “Snow Focus Shifts North-Eastwards”

  1. john Says:

    any snow for dublin ireland we had none


  2. Stuart Says: The lump of cloud in the North Sea looks interesting. How much snow would it bring and where?


  3. Dean Says:

    Anyone know if Altrincham will get any snow? We have hardly had any just 4cm


  4. Snow mad Says:

    At lot of weather sites are concerned about next Thursday Friday what is your opinion on this. We are still wait for the snow in our neck of the woods. Boston lincs


  5. Daniel Smith Says:

    Thursday/Friday is too far away at the moment. But early indications do suggest significant snowfall is possible.

    Dublin could see some snowfall Monday/Tuesday but it really does depend on how far North the system tracks, at the moment, areas that look likely to see further snowfall tomorrow and Tuesday would be South-West England and up into Wales.


  6. Bradley Says:

    Any chance of the North West getting more snow before the big day? We have about 4-5cm lying on the ground at the moment. Haven’t really had any really heavy snow yet.


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