In the last week or so I’ve generally neglected to look further ahead than 1-2 days due to the amount of uncertainty in the forecast and within the models, whilst this uncertainty does continue, and indeed large changes can and do take place beyond a three day outlook in a setup like this, there is the continued risk for some very severe, disruptive snowfall across some parts of the United Kingdom. Please keep in mind that this is more of a guide/outlook to whats likely in the coming three days and that changes to the forecast are very likely.

Monday looks likely to bring the next batch of snowfall pushing up into mainly South-Western areas, the extend in which is extent of this snowfall is still unclear, though it seems reasonable to suggest South-West England, Southern parts of Wales and perhaps Central Southern England will be at risk from the snowfall with accumulations in the range of 4-8cm, locally higher. A slight shift could see this snowfall extending across South-Eastern areas.

Tuesdays snow risk extends across much of Wales where further accumulations of 5-10cm seem possible, this will be falling on top of deep snowfall and ice so some very dangerous conditions are likely here on Tuesday. South-Western areas look likely to see more of a mixture of rain, sleet and snow as this system pushes in. Snow showers likely to affect Eastern Scotland through the day.

Wednesday remains very, very uncertain at this stage however there are indications which suggest heavy, disruptive snowfall could move in across the South-East and up into East Anglia,  depending on how far North this system goes depends on what falls out of the sky, at the moment the models show this to be a snow turning to rain event as slightly less cold air pushes up with this system, but as I say, theres a lot of uncertainty with this and a slight change in the tracking could produce an all snow event.