Midlands Snowfall – Christmas Cold

December 21, 2010

Weather Forecasts

Through tonight and into the early hours of tomorrow morning an area of heavy snowfall looks likely to develop across the Midlands. Just a couple of days ago this snowfall looked likely to affect South-Eastern areas of England however this risk has extended further North in recent model outputs.

Accumulations in the affected areas (as seen from the images below) are likely to be in the region of 5-10cm, though 15cm is likely in worst affected areas and across higher ground. Beyond that things look to settle down with high pressure developing over the United Kingdom. There is a risk of some light snow showers across South-Eastern parts of England and North-Western parts of Scotland through Thursday, though these are not expected to cause disruption, I’ll be monitoring the situation and will issue an update if this changes.

Christmas day is looking generally dry, cold frosty and foggy across much of the United Kingdom thanks to high pressure, so if you’ve made a bet for snowfall on Christmas day, it’s now looking increasingly unlikely. Any where that still has snow come Wednesday evening will probably see that snowfall remain on the ground until at least boxing day.

There’s no real sign of a breakdown to this cold showing on the models. But certainly over the next few days our focus turns away from snow and more towards fog and frost.



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6 Comments on “Midlands Snowfall – Christmas Cold”

  1. Stuart Says:

    Hi there. It looks like Christmas Day could be a very dry day. But details are slim and I would not rule out snow flurries around coasts. I’ve heard that Christmas will be foggy and I’ve seen fog dense enough to creat tiny snow grains. If this happen we could still be in for a white christmas. But in my opinion, a proper white christmas is lying snow (the idea which features on Christmas cards and Bing’s classic song).


  2. Daniel Smith Says:

    Yeah I agree, it does remain uncertain at the moment but there are increasing signals that high pressure will develop over the UK towards the end of this week, I think the areas highest at risk from seeing some snow showers will be coastal areas in the North and West.

    Increasing signals also suggest it will remain cold beyond Christmas with MUCH colder weather once again coming in from the East early in the new year


  3. Zakos Says:

    Yes I finally got snow! Its clear now that it will last until at least christmas, but do you think that this cold weather will prevail and last well into the new year? The GFS currently shows the Atlantic breaking through around 28th, but I doubt it will. What do you think?


  4. Snow mad Says:

    Spot on with the forecast for Boston Lincs. Met office reported we could get 10cm. Got none well done keep up the good work. Do you think the winter will continue. Many thanks


  5. Daniel Smith Says:

    I can’t see the Atlantic breaking through either, there is increasing support that High Pressure will develop turning things settled, foggy and keeping things very cold. The Atlantic is still showing signs it could break through, but its becoming less and less likely in my opinion.


  6. Zakos Says:

    Thanks, I agree.


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