Snowfall is expected to become less frequent over the next couple of days as an area of High Pressure develops across the United Kingdom, I’ll talk more about this in a moment but first our focus once again turns to South-Eastern areas. Through the course of Thursday strong North-East winds will blow heavy snow showers down into parts of Kent and East Sussex. These showers look like they could clump together giving more prolonged snow showers, accumulations of up to 10cm seem likely.

Then once again as we move through Christmas Eve Friday, although there is a lot of uncertainty about this we could see an area of heavy snowfall pushing up into the South-East associated with a Low Pressure system across France, if this does indeed happen significant snowfalls are likely once again across South-Eastern areas, however as I say, a lot of uncertainty about this system

Beyond that, High Pressure building across the United Kingdom through the Christmas weekend and into next week is likely to keep our temperatures cold, with once again very low night time temperatures expected,  Thanks to slightly warmer upper level air dense freezing fog will become our main problem, particularly across more Central areas.

There is some uncertainty as to how long this colder weather will last, some computer models are suggesting the Atlantic will eventually break down the High Pressure block around the 27th/28th December bringing in milder, wetter weather. Other computer models are insisting the Atlantic will lose, perhaps bringing slightly milder air into the extreme West and South-West for a time before the block strengthens and brings a renewed surge of cold, snowy weather as we move into the new year.