Cold Weather Beckons

December 29, 2010

Weather Forecasts

I mentioned in an article before Christmas that there was a chance the colder weather would return as we move into the new year after a brief “milder” spell of weather between the Christmas and New Year period. I’ve been looking at the computer models and there does seem to be growing support for a re-newed surge of cold air.

A fairly weak area of high pressure currently sat over the United Kingdom bringing the slightly milder, settled and foggy conditions will begin to edge North-West once again towards Greenland as we go through the New Year weekend and into next week, this will allow colder air to begin to filter back Southwards across the United Kingdom. You can see from the chart below that there is relatively good support within the Ensembles for a drop in temperatures around that period.

What happens beyond the New Year weekend is unknown at the moment, there are signs that it will be a generally short lived cold spell compared to the one we’ve just experienced, however at the beginning of that one it was looking short lived before the models continued to upgrade the length of the cold spell and there’s no reason why that couldn’t happen this time.

As things currently stand, Northern and Eastern areas are likely to see snow showers as we move into the new year, elsewhere generally dry, bright but feeling much colder. There are not any indications to suggest significant snowfall at the moment but things can and do change.



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9 Comments on “Cold Weather Beckons”

  1. Snow mad Says:

    Is it posable that January could turn to be worse than December. A number of site are predicting a 1963 repeat what are your views


  2. Daniel Smith Says:

    At the moment I can’t seeing it quite so bad, I still think we’ll see colder spells becoming increasingly short lived and less cold towards the second half of the month onwards


  3. john Says:

    why do you think it will be less cold 2nd half of month ?


  4. Daniel Smith Says:

    It’s typical of La Nina winters. They have a cold first half of winter and a milder, more unsettled second half


  5. john Says:

    what your views on the idea in this video


  6. Bradley Says:

    About a CM of snow in Lancashire this morning. Mixture of rain, sleet and snow ending at around 9 AM this morning. All melted now though, as temperatures rose to about 3-4 degrees.


  7. Snow mad Says:

    Weather man rubbish no snow for Boston today got about 3cm. Slow melt during day. Still waiting for a decent fall. What is veiws for the remainder for the rest of the winter


  8. john Says:

    what do you think on the reload for around the 20th ao looks like going very low


  9. Daniel Smith Says:

    Sorry, I’ve had internet problems so I haven’t been able to get online as much as I’d like.

    I can’t see any further significant cold spells this winter. I mentioned in my winter forecast that the first half was likely to be colder, before turning more normal during the second part thanks to La Nina. I do expect we’ll see further cold snaps and snowfalls, but it’ll be nothing like we experienced during December.

    I think we’ll generally be looking out into the Atlantic to see our weather. If you like deep depressions, strong winds and heavy rain, February might bring that type of weather.


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