High Pressure is now sinking South across the United Kingdom and as this does so, it’s pulling slightly colder air in from the East, this will allow scattered snow showers to develop across East Anglia and the South-East through the course of Thursday which could give a light dusting across the hills, but they will tend to die off through the evening as High Pressure continues to build Southwards.

The good thing about this colder air is that it will be drier, which will finally allow us to clear away some of  this cloudy muck we’ve been having and replace it with sunshine. High Pressure looks likely to continue to dominate through the weekend and indeed, through next week, as High Pressure begins to become settled across the country we may start to see cloud once again being pulled in from the North Sea across Eastern areas.

There are signs that High Pressure will begin to sink Southwards into the near continent as we move through the course of next week and this will allow Low Pressure systems to bring some wet and windy weather to our shores.

As suggested in my winter forecast, the second half of winter was very much expected to be more Atlantic driven, with any cold snaps being generally short lived.