You’ll probably be aware by now that we’ve been experiencing some beautiful, warm and sunny weather across many areas of the United Kingdom. This is all down to an area of high pressure that’s been sitting over the UK, drawing up warmer air from the near continent. In fact, parts of Surry hit 28c today, making it the warmest April day in 62 years. We’ve also seen a few thunderstorms developing across some areas thanks to that warmer air.

So what can we expect as we move through into next week? Will the weather return to average and become unsettled, or will this milder weather continue to stick around?

Well, looking at the weather models, although it will be slightly cooler with temperatures dropping back down into the low 20’s, the weather looks likely to continue to be dominated by high pressure throughout much of the week which means we could see further, locally heavy thundery showers at times, too. Towards the end of the week, we could see more in the way of cloud coming in across Eastern Coastal areas, but other than that, remaining largely dry and bright.