I’ve recently been watching the summer season Ice Melt across the Arctic, and as things currently stand, we could be on the verge of breaking the 2007 all time Ice Low Record, in fact, we’re already seeing this year breaking the 2007 record.

You can click the image to see the larger version. As you can see, the red line shows how much Ice there currently is in the Arctic and it’s already below the 2007 record. The main reason for this was due to weather patterns last winter through Spring up until now across the Arctic. Usually during winter, we see Low Pressure over the Arctic which helps to keep the cold air circulating and in tern freezes up the ice. But during last winter and through much of this year, we’ve seen High Pressure across the Arctic thanks to a consistent negative Arctic Oscillation. What this High Pressure has been doing is sending the colder air South into Europe away from the Arctic, and dragging up warmer temperatures from the Atlantic, through winter this stopped the ice from being able to thicken as much as it usually would, and this is allowing more ice to melt.

The fact that we still have above average temperatures in the Arctic doesn’t bode well for this years summer ice melt. Could we see records broken? We’ll have to wait and see.