In recent winters, colder and snowier weather seems to have prevailed. Although last winter turned out to be just below average, December was one of the coldest and snowiest months in 100 years. The last couple of summers have also been pretty dull, damp and cool, although you may say we’re having a rubbish summer, this summer is what we would usually get at our latitude. It’s easy to forget sometimes that we are at the same latitude as Canada, and the only reason for our milder winters and warmer summers is the Jet Stream.

If we take a look at the NAO yearly mean, we can see that it’s been largely negative for quite a while now, in fact, we haven’t seen a negative NAO stretch this long since the 1960’s

There’s definitely been a change in our weather pattern, and whether that’s linked to the Low Solar Activity in the last couple of years isn’t certain. But one thing that is certain, is that our weather patterns seem to be reverting to what we used to see before the 1990’s which is around the same time we started seeing a decrease in snowfall in winter, and an increase in warmer summers.

Does this mean future winters will be cold and snowy, and future summers will be generally cool and wet? It looks like that, yes. If you’re a heat lover, move to Spain.