After a very warm, dry Spring our summer has been rather disappointing with a distinct lack of any prolonged warmth. We’ve had the odd couple of days here and there where temperatures have managed to sneak up into the low 30’s, but other than that summer has been generally a cool and showery affair.

So is this theme likely to continue or will it be broken in the form of an Indian Summer? Unfortunately, it looks likely to continue. I’ve been going over the most recent Long Range Models and Teleconnections and all seem to point to a below average September. If you’ve been holding out and telling yourself that September will bring warm hot weather, it looks like you will be disappointed.

Models are pointing towards a below average September temperature wise, and an average September rainfall wise. So much of the same I think as we move into September with High Pressure continuing to dominate across the Arctic and the Western Atlantic.

A quick look ahead to October, and it’s looking likely to be a generally average  month with High Pressure situated to the North of the United Kingdom, this could bring the seasons first snowfall to some areas towards the end of the month.