Ex-Hurricane Update 2

September 9, 2011

Weather Forecasts, Weather Warnings

The remnants of Hurricane Katia are continuing to be forecasted to track across the far tip of Northern Scotland. The latest model guidance places the center of Katia further South than a couple of days ago, bringing the worst of the winds Southwards into Northern Ireland, Western Scotland, Southern Scotland and down into Northern England. Western Coastal areas are also at risk from coastal flooding and gale force winds.

Monday 12th September - 06:00

Monday 12th September - 12:00

Monday 12th September - 18:00

Based on the latest model guidance and slight changes in the tracking of Katia, I have decided to extend the weather warning zone, and the advisory zone to include areas now also at risk from severe weather.

Issued For: Severe Gale Force Winds, Coastal Flooding

Valid: Monday 12th September 2011

Weather Warning Zone (Orange): Those in the orange zone are currently expected to see the worst of the weather from ex-hurricane Katia. The strongest winds are likely to be across Northern Ireland and Western Scotland, where here we could see gusting in excess of 80-85mph in exposed locations leading to structural damage and dangerous driving conditions. Due to the winds being onshore, coasting flooding is possible during High Tides due to a storm surge. Waves in excess of 10feet are possible in exposed locations. If you are in this area then it is important to pay attention to the latest weather forecasts and weather warnings. Areas in the orange zone are likely to see this warning upgraded to a Severe Weather Warning in the coming days.

Weather Advisory Zone (Yellow): Whilst areas in this zone are currently considered at a low risk from severe weather, winds gusting in excess of 45mph accompanied by heavy rain may create dangerous conditions for a time. Due to the wind being onshore, coastal flooding is a possibility, although in these areas it is considered to be low. Parts of the yellow zone maybe upgraded to a Weather Warning when the tracking and intensity of Katia becomes clearer.

The next Update will be issued on Sunday afternoon, with a final update being issued on Sunday evening if deemed necessary.



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