Issued For: Severe Gale Force Winds

Valid: Monday 12th – Tuesday 13th September

For the last 4-5 days we have been keeping an eye on, and monitoring Ex-Hurricane Katia, the tracking now looks likely to be just to the North of Scotland, bringing strong-severe gale force winds across Scotland, Northern Ireland and into Northern England. The system now looks likely to track slower than first thought, so areas are likely to be exposed to these strong winds for longer.

Red Zone: A Severe Weather Warning has been issued; these areas are expected to see the very worst of the conditions through Monday and Tuesday, as Katia passes just to the North of Scotland, tightening isobars will bring Severe Gale Force Winds with gusting in excess of 80-85mph. Dangerous driving conditions are expected, trees may be blown over and structural damage may occur.

Orange Zone: A Weather Warning has been issued; These areas are not expected to see the worst conditions, however strong winds gusting in the region of 55-65mph coupled with heavy rainfall will bring about dangerous conditions. Falling trees and minor structural damage are possible through the course of Monday and Tuesday.

Yellow Zone: A Weather Advisory has been issued; These areas are not likely to see severe weather, however minor changes in Katias track could place stronger winds across this zone. Gusting in the region of 35-4mph seem possible with spells of heavy rain expected. Small trees maybe blown over, and loose roof tiles maybe blown off. These areas are not in the danger zone, however care should still be taken.