Those of you who love the warmth have been rather disapointed this year with regards to our summer, which has lacked any prolonged warmth at all. There is some hope for you though, weather models are forecasting an area of High Pressure to develop to the East of the United Kingdom which will turn things increasingly settled as we move towards the end of the month and into Early October.

This area of High Pressure is expected to bring in some early Autumn warmth with temperatures peaking in the range of 20-23c which isn’t bad for late September/Early October.

Although the forecast period is still over a week away, I am growing increasingly confident that we will see High Pressure develop settling things down and turning things warmer. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely to last very long, as we move into the second week of October High Pressure is likely to develop to the North-West of the United Kingdom, cooling things down and with it, bringing in a fair amount of cloud from the North Sea.