In the last couple of days, weather forums, car forums and old ladies on the bus have been buzzing about the latest headlines that cold and snow are going to hit Britain in October, you may have seen the article published in the Daily Mail.

Whilst Northern Blocking does look likely to control our weather as we move through October, the chances of significant snowfall are very slim and in fact, looking at the Longer Range models, its hard to see anything other than one or two snow flurries towards the end of the month. The fact is, the continent just isnt cold enough to bring severe, disruptive snowfall to our shores during October, even a direct blast from the Arctic would struggle to bring anything more than some snow showers giving a dusting in places.

Whilst stranger things have happened, I’d say theres around 5% chance of disruptive snowfall during October, so really not very high at all.

November however, maybe a completely different story all together.