Indian Summer and Then?

September 26, 2011


A couple of articles ago I mentioned that we’re likely to see the weather turning increasingly settled and warm through the end of September and into early October. That’s still very much the case. High Pressure is now developing to the East of the United Kingdom and as we go through the week and into the weekend, temperatures will steadily climb into the mid-20’s with plently of sunshine on offer to. This will not just be something the South sees, this warm and sunny weather is likely to extend Northwards across the country to include Scotland too.

Beyond that though it becomes rather uncertain as to exactly what is going to happen. Medium range models are hinting at High Pressure then moving out into the Atlantic, allowing Low Pressure to slide down into Europe switching winds around to more of a Northerly bringing in much cooler weather. At this stage, it’s very uncertain whats going to happen so its certainly not set in stone and will need to continue to be monitored, however there is a small chance we could see some snowfall across parts of Scotland.

I’ll keep you upto date with the latest developments as we move into a more reliable timeframe.



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One Comment on “Indian Summer and Then?”

  1. Snow mad Says:

    I no that it is nice to have the sun but I a ready for the cooler weather. Have moved the shorts to the back of the wardrobe


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