October Weather Outlook Re-Visited

October 3, 2011


Back in September I issued my October Forecast which hinted that after a very warm start to the month, High Pressure would develop to our North-West turning things much cooler, the latest computer models are now placing High Pressure further South and over the United Kingdom, changing the prognosis somewhat. You can view my orgiginal October Forecast by clicking HERE

One thing I do expect is for things to remain very dry throughout the month. High Pressure is likely to be over or close to the United Kingdom throughout the month, and depending on its position will depend on whether we see warmer or cooler weather. Because of the constant changes within the short term computer models and the long term models, its very hard to forecast the weather for October.

However, at this stage I’d say that October will remain very dry as we go through the month, with warmer and cooler spells of weather thanks to a constantly shifting area of High Pressure.



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