Cold, Blocked November?

October 11, 2011

Weather Forecasts

Before I get started, I’m by no means certain on this, and in fact, confidence is fairly low. I did mention in my winter forecast that November is likely to be rather cold with widespread snow thanks to a blocked weather pattern. Today, the latest upstream patterns are starting to hint more strongly at High Pressure developing towards the North of the United Kingdom as we move into the later part of October and through into November.

Generally at this time of year, the near continent isn’t cold enough to bring snow and cold in from the East, however if Northern Blocking does become established in November, cold air quickly floods across Europe, eventually reaching the UK. It’s definitely one to keep an eye on in the coming few weeks.

My Official Winter Forecast will be issued on October 23rd.

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2 Comments on “Cold, Blocked November?”

  1. asim Says:

    no snow this year very mild winter. you lot can never get it right always changing your minds and always wrong…!!!! always in newspapers saying heavy snow, when it never comes!!!!


  2. Daniel Smith Says:

    Asim, I would tend to agree. Although, the papers generally take a sensible forecast and turn it into something with missleading headlines. Take the recent paper headlines for example, “Snow and Cold to hit the UK” but they don’t specify where in the UK will see snowfall, in this case, it was the Scottish Highlands.

    Their headlines are missleading and not informative, so they can sell papers, that’s all there is to it.The weather is very dynamic and constantly changing, which is why forecasts are needing to be updated, particularly in the long term.


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