A few of you have voted for “more frequent updates” in the poll I ran a few days ago, so lets kick off the autumnal season with an autumnal like forecast. In the last week or so I’ve been banging on about things turning cooler as we move towards the 17/18th October, whilst that is true, it’s now looking increasingly likely to turn a lot more unsettled too with wind and heavy rain becoming key features in our weather.

As we move into, and through next week High Pressure developing to our East and West will allow a Low Pressure system to come down from the North-East, tracking South-Eastwards to the East of Scotland, due to height rises to either side of the United Kingdom, this will force this system to gradually work its way Southwards, bringing with it strong winds and heavy rain.

As we continue on through the week, Low Pressure systems will continue to be the theme of our weather, bringing further breezy weather accompanied by heavy rain, the very far South of England may escape the worst of the rainfall, but even here it’s likely that we’ll see some. So all in all, a very autumnal week in store for us, with just about all of us seeing some rainfall.

Beyond next week, signals become mixed, some are indicating that we’ll continue with this wet and windy weather, whilst others are indicating for High Pressure to build across the United Kingdom. Updates to follow.