**Weather Warning Issued**

October 16, 2011


Weather Warning Issued

Valid: Monday 17th – Wednesday 19th October

Issued For: Strong Winds, Heavy Rain

Through the course of Monday afternoon and into Monday night, a deepening area of Low Pressure will track Eastwards passing to the North of Scotland and stalling just to the West of Scandinavia, this will bring a period of strong winds and heavy rainfall to much of Scotland, Northern England and Northern Ireland. Winds gusting in excess of 60mph seems likely for North-Western facing coasts across the North which may result in minor structural damage and the uprooting of small, weaker trees. The area of low pressure will eventually begin to weaken as we move through Tuesday night and into Wednesday.

Orange Zone: Areas in the orange zone have been issued with a weather warning for strong winds and heavy rain, gusts in excess of 60mph in exposed locations seems likely, particularly across North-West facing coasts. Minor Structural damage and localised flooding is possible. Heavy snowfall may effect parts of the Scottish Highlands from time to time in this period too.

Yellow Zone: Areas in the yellow zone have been issued with a weather advisory to cover slight track changes, winds gusting to 40mph seem likely in these areas with periods of heavy rainfall.

Beyond that, and into the second half of the week, High Pressure will topple over the UK settling things down perhaps bringing the first widespread frosts across central parts.



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