No Sign of Cold Weather

November 18, 2011


For those of you hoping this blog entry would bring hope of cold and snow, unfortunately you’re going to be disappointed. Looking at the teleconnections, both the NAO/AO are forecasted to become quite strongly positive, so we’re likely to see Low Pressure really establishing itself across the Arctic and indeed, in the Atlantic which will really help ramp up the Jet Stream

Whilst the worst possible setup for cold and snowfall, it will finally shift that European High Pressure block and allow some more variable weather across the United Kingdom, temperatures slightly above average with periods of rain and wind at times, though between low pressure systems they’ll be blustery showers. High Pressure to the South may keep the South drier, with the worst of the unsettled weather across the North. GFS and ECM 500MB show this perfectly, and are in agreement

With Polar Stratospheric Temperatures still below average, we could see this pattern become established for the next couple of weeks, putting the best chance of any cold after Mid-December.



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2 Comments on “No Sign of Cold Weather”

  1. u Says:

    Why do you feel that there is no sign of cold weather? are you some kind of pro or just a pretender?
    You have got this really wrong as the big chill is on the way. PS a little tip for you, stick with your mild Feb and don’t change it; as it will be even milder than last year. Keep trying by all means but you have got this horribly wrong and why? because you are not a pro and just a pretender I presume.


  2. Daniel Smith Says:

    If you read that article carefully, you’ll see that they’re basically saying temperatures will return to the seasonal average. I forecast from the latest weather models, which I have studied for many years, the Daily Express exaggerate forecasts to sell headlines, that’s how newspapers work unfortunately.

    Temperatures do look likely to return closer to the average with Low Pressure taking charge towards the end of this week, snowfall is possible from time to time over the Scottish Highlands, but there’s certainly nothing to suggest a repeat of severe cold and snow, at least not yet.

    PS. I have edited your post to remove swearing and offensive remarks, if you continue to comment on that way, I will block your IP Address.



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