I mentioned a couple of days ago that as we head towards the end of this week, Low Pressure will start to bring spells of wet and windy weather to the United Kingdom, this now looks increasingly likely. Todays models are projecting High Pressure to develop in the Western Atlantic which will allow Low Pressure systems to circulate around the United Kingdom bringing spells of wet and windy weather to just about all.

High Pressure to the South-East of the United Kingdom will keep Southern and Eastern areas drier for a time, but even here it’s likely that we’re going to see some rainfall. The 500MB computer models continue to project Low Heights across the United Kingdom and to our North.

Due to the tracking of these Low Pressure systems, it’s likely that we’ll see some Polar Maritime incursions to, and this will bring temperatures back down to the seasonal average and may bring some snowfall from time to time across the Scottish Mountains, perhaps even down to lower ground at times across the North, although at this stage that seems unlikely.

Looking further afield, I think we’ll see a continuation of this cooler, wetter and windier weather as we move through into December, there is still no clear indication of a cold and snowy spell, even as we move into December, however as ever this is subject to change.