You’ll notice in the title that I’ve mentioned the words “Cold Snap” rather than “Cold Spell” as the models are beginning to hint at some cooler conditions pushing Southwards across the country behind an area of Low Pressure as we move towards the end of the first week of December, in the longer range models however there is currently nothing to suggest we’ll see a prolonged spell of cold and wintry weather.

Both the GFS and ECM computer models are hinting at this, as you can see below

The above two charts are generally in agreement for the 7th of December and that’s to see Low Pressure pushing in across Scandi allowing colder, Arctic air to flood across the United Kingdom from the North.

Now it’s important to bear in mind that currently, these are the only realistic models to show this outcome and because this setup is still a little over a week away, it’s impossible to say for sure whether it WILL happen, but confidence is beginning to grow as we move closer towards this time period. Given the current setup we’re in, the above charts are not completely out of the question.

Currently however, there are no signs of any prolonged, severe cold and snowy weather like we saw last November and December.