I mentioned a couple of days ago that there was a chance we could see some colder weather as we move into early next week and today that’s looking increasingly likely, whilst it will be no where near as severe as last winters deep freeze, there will be some snowfall, particularly to the North and West, but other places may see some short lived snowfall for a time.

Through the course of Saturday, Sunday and into Monday a deep area of Low Pressure will pass to the North of the country, this will bring severe gale force winds across much of Scotland and perhaps Northern England for a time, as this system tracks Eastwards however colder air will dig in behind it, and will push Southwards across the country.

Initially through Saturday snowfall will be confined to higher ground, but as we move through the course of Sunday snowfall will also be likely down to lower levels across Scotland and North-Western parts of England. Through Sunday night and into Monday, a cold front pushing Southwards will bring a period of snowfall to Northern areas but as this heads Southwards, it’s likely to turn to rain, at this stage it doesn’t seem likely that the colder air will dig in fast enough to bring snowfall to Southern areas away from the higher ground, but this may change in the next couple of days.

Below is a chart showing the areas most at risk from seeing snowfall on Sunday and Monday.

Due to possible tracking changes and changes in wind direction, a rough estimate has been drawn up on the chart to the left. A more detailed outlook will be issued on Saturday 3rd December in the evening to take into account shower intensity, snowfall amount and indeed, whether or not accumulations are likely during the course of Sunday and Monday.

Although organised snowfall is unlikely, and any snowfall will be in the form of showers, there is always the chance that closer to the time, more organised bands begin to show up on the weather models, however this is considered unlikely.

Central and Southern areas are very unlikely to see changes in the prediction, unless models show the colder air digging down faster than it currently does, there will be no snowfall here.

Areas currently to watch are the North and West, strong North Westerly winds will blow showers in off of the relatively warmer Irish and North Atlantic oceans which may result in frequent, heavy snowfall across some of these areas.

A weather watch or warning is likely to be issued during Saturday, taking into account the above possibilities.