Issued For: Heavy Snow Showers

Valid: Sunday 4th – Tuesday 6th December 2011

As we move through the course of today, through Sunday and into Monday, an area of Low Pressure pushing Eastwards to the North of Scotland will allow much colder air to push in behind it.

As the system pushes Eastwards, winds will become more North-Westerly and due to the colder air that will be in place, snow showers will begin pushing into Northern and Western areas. Whilst some of these showers are likely to heavy, severe disruption isn’t considered severe enough for a weather warning, so an advisory has been issued.

Due to the direction and strength of the wind, showers may well become fairly frequent and could push further inland across some parts. Accumulations down to lower levels are unlikely to amount to much more than 2-5cm, higher ground such as the Scottish Highlands may see snowfall accumulations of up to 10-15cm. As we move through Monday and into Tuesday, snowfall will generally become more confined to higher ground.

Whilst the key areas have been highlighted in yellow on the map above, surrounding areas may see one or two snow flurries, but the risk is considered fairly low.