**Snow Advisory Issued*

December 3, 2011

Weather Warnings

Issued For: Heavy Snow Showers

Valid: Sunday 4th – Tuesday 6th December 2011

As we move through the course of today, through Sunday and into Monday, an area of Low Pressure pushing Eastwards to the North of Scotland will allow much colder air to push in behind it.

As the system pushes Eastwards, winds will become more North-Westerly and due to the colder air that will be in place, snow showers will begin pushing into Northern and Western areas. Whilst some of these showers are likely to heavy, severe disruption isn’t considered severe enough for a weather warning, so an advisory has been issued.

Due to the direction and strength of the wind, showers may well become fairly frequent and could push further inland across some parts. Accumulations down to lower levels are unlikely to amount to much more than 2-5cm, higher ground such as the Scottish Highlands may see snowfall accumulations of up to 10-15cm. As we move through Monday and into Tuesday, snowfall will generally become more confined to higher ground.

Whilst the key areas have been highlighted in yellow on the map above, surrounding areas may see one or two snow flurries, but the risk is considered fairly low.



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4 Comments on “**Snow Advisory Issued*”

  1. Zakos Says:

    Thanks! Very interesting. I think I will see some snow on Monday! What about the possible second cold blast on Friday? Do you think this could be more potent?


  2. Asim Says:

    look i love snow! but everyone needs to get into there heads now that there wont be heavy snow like last winter. Scotland and north england will see heavy snow at times, with the mild air not far behind. I live in greater london heathrow area. where we wont get hardly nothing like we got last year winter 2010, which was even very snowy for us. As this tell you alot as its even more rare in The london area. So What im trying to say is If i was going to put a bet on it, then i would say at least one decent cold spell possible this winter! But no blocking of the high pressure that we saw like last year!! P.S This winter is shaping up to be one of the average winters again. But saying this you never know after all this is british weather where talking about!


  3. sara Says:

    hi, i have read quite a few long range forecasts for this winter, the outcome of this being is that no one really knows what the weather is going to do, all saying different things. some saying average winter, others saying heavy widespread snowfall, makes it a little difficult to know which one to listen to, also i have been told that it is exremely hard to make a weather forecast above a week ahead, i have a funny feeling that no one really knows what is to be expected this winter. it is almost funny reading the differences between the forecasts…the true answer to whether or not we are in for a lot of snow this winter, simply is……no one has a clue yet!


  4. michael haydon Says:

    It has been a very windy year in Blackpool most of this year, compared with summers of winters of 2006 and onwards, where, it was so mild & quite, Fushias were still blooming on xmas day! We are being battered by third storm system in 3 weeks, right now, with winds at least of 50-60mph plus the driving rain. Wether or not the Met office snow threat for the northwest coast on friday through to saturday morning, happens, we will just have to see. But Hurricane force winds in scotland is not nice, its dangerous, even to walk in that level of force. Scotland has had some pretty awful winters now, but i’m sure they used to most of what the weather throws at them, apart from these extreme wind speeds.



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