We’ve seen some much colder weather in the last couple of days, this has been accompanied by some strong winds, heavy rain and eve some snowfall across Northern and Western parts, over the 8-10 days or so we’re going to see a continuation of this generally cold and unsettled theme as Low Pressure systems slide Eastwards colder air will be dragged down the Western Flank bringing some snowfall at times across Northern Parts, whilst this snowfall is likely to fall mostly over higher ground, from time to time we could see some snowfall down to lower levels too. These low pressure systems are also likely to bring with them some very strong winds across Scotland, Northern Ireland and perhaps even Northern England, these winds could be severe or very severe across more exposed locations in North and West Scotland.

Further South, whilst it’ll feel cold and breezy with spells of rain, snowfall is considered to be fairly unlikely for the next couple of weeks, Low Heights across Greenland look likely to stick around, which means this cold zonal pattern could last for quite a while.