**Severe Weather Warning Issued**

Valid: Tuesday 13th – Wednesday 14th December

Issued For: Severe Gale Force Winds

Through the course of Tuesday morning a deep area of Low Pressure Sub 960MB will work its way into parts of Scotland bringing with it spells of heavy rain across many parts of the country, blizzard conditions are likely for a time across the Scottish Highlands, through the course of the day winds will quickly strengthen to gale, or severe gale force giving rise to some very dangerous weather conditions.

The chart to the left (click to enlarge) shows the areas most at risk from this severe weather through Tuesday and into Wednesday.

Areas in RED can expect to see the worst of the weather and have therefore been issued with a Severe Weather Warning. Winds in excess of 90MPH seem likely in these areas giving rise to structural damage and flying debris. The public are advised to take extreme caution whilst travelling through Tuesday and Wednesday morning and to only travel if deemed absolutely necessary, falling trees are a high concern.

Areas in ORANGE can expect to see some severe weather, but current model tracking of this Low Pressure system suggests winds gusting in the region of 60-70MPH seem likely in exposed locations, built up areas away from coastal regions are likely to see gusts slightly short of this estimate. The public are advised to take caution whilst out and about through Tuesday and Wednesday, flying debris, structural damage and falling trees are still likely in these zones.

Areas issued in YELLOW are likely to see some very windy conditions through Tuesday and Wednesday with winds gusting between 40-50mph at times, these areas are not deemed severe enough to reach a weather warning level.

As this system pushes through on Wednesday, we could see further snowfall effecting higher ground in the North and West.

Our next worry is Friday, another deep area of Low Pressure looks likely to track across the United Kingdom bringing further severe weather, current tracking suggests this system could be further South than the previous Low Pressure systems so we’re keeping a close eye on this. A weather warning will be issued on Wednesday if the models continue to anticipate another deep area of Low Pressure.