Milder Outlook & Christmas

December 16, 2011

Weather Forecasts

Many parts are seeing their first snowfall of the season this morning, but what about next week and the run up to Christmas? Can we expect this colder, snowier weather to continue?

Unfortunately not, the models have been toying with the idea of building an Azores High and extending it Northwards across the United Kingdom, this is likely to bring in much milder West-South-Westerly winds, parts of Scotland and Northern England could remain generally cool and showery, with wintry weather across higher ground as we move through next week, but I think a majority of areas are likely to turn milder with temperatures perhaps even into double figures.

As we move into the festive period, there are some tentative signals for some colder weather coming down from the North around New Years Eve/Christmas day, but they are incredibly tentative, I think the most likely outcome is for a generally mild Christmas with the best chance of snowfall being across Higher Ground in the North.



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5 Comments on “Milder Outlook & Christmas”

  1. michael haydon Says:

    Winter has certainly arrived in Blackpool right now! very heavy Snow showers right now 10 am Friday 16th Dec. lasting 30 minutes, before the next batch arrives. Love the Big flakes, like “half crowns” we used to call them in the seventies.

    Shame if it turned mild now, was starting to feel christmasy;)


  2. kevin bennion Says:

    We had a light dusting here in Aylesbury this morning.Still sticking to my forecast of colder and possibly snowier weather from mid January onwards.


  3. Ali Says:

    depressing I hate mild wet winters. We havn’t had one frosty, bright , cold day in ages up in North Wales.


  4. lewis Says:

    I’m keeping my hopes up for a shock-out-of-the-blue snowmageddan!


  5. Gobi Obi Says:

    I don’t feel Christmassy at all, its warmer out than in and I had to dig out a summer dress today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so wrong.


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