For those of you who were dreaming of a White Christmas, I’m afraid you’re going to have to keep dreaming because it’s now incredibly unlikely that we’ll see snowfall, perhaps anywhere in the United Kingdom this Christmas. So what can we expect?

It’ll be a cold, bright start to the day across much of England and Wales on Christmas Eve with a touch of frost possible across Central areas, further North across Scotland however they’ll be more in the way of cloud and as we go through the course of the day, this is likely to thicken to produce some rain, particularly across the Western side of Scotland, elsewhere across the UK cloud will come and go giving sunny intervals, Highs of 9-10c in the South.

Now we move into Christmas Day, an area of rain will continue to effect Western and Northern Scotland through the day, this rain flirting Northern Ireland and North-West England too at times, elsewhere cloud will come and go once again with the best of the brightness across Central Southern Parts of England, breezy everywhere with highs of around 12c across the country.

So whilst it’s not going to be a White Christmas, I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!