I mentioned  a few days ago about the uncertainty of this weekend and stated one of three solutions possible, whilst their is still a huge amount of disagreement within the model suit at the moment it is indeed starting to look like we’ll see some sort of breakdown through the course of the weekend, however, depending on the angle and strength of attack from the Atlantic is something that’s causing issues and something that will need further monitoring, some models are keen for Eastern and South-Eastern areas hanging onto the very cold air which could produce some significant snowfalls across some parts of the country, but as I say at the moment, very uncertain.

Having said that, there is a strong single for cold to continue into next week, so I think for the weekend onwards some areas seeing a fair amount of snowfall, further West it may turn slightly warmer for a time but Eastern and South-Eastern areas remaining cold, before turning cold again everywhere early next week, that is the most likely outcome, but is by no means certain.

Looking closer to home though, some areas, particularly Eastern areas have seen some snowfall today albeit fairly light which has giving a dusting to one or two areas, as the week progresses I think we’ll continue to see scattered and fairly light snow showers, these perhaps becoming a little heavier through Thursday and Friday.