The models have gained more consistency today and although we could still see shifts in Saturdays snowfall, we’re hopefully able to accurately point out where the snow is likely to effect, a final update will of course be issued tomorrow evening. Before that though;


Snow showers will begin to filter in across East Anglia and South-East England, this may give a dusting to some, elsewhere dry, clear skies and very cold.


Snow showers will die away across Eastern areas giving a relatively dry and bright day, however he snow shower risk does return during the evening across East Anglia and SE England giving accumulations of 2-4cm in some areas.

Saturday See Map Below

Through the course of Saturday an Atlantic weather front pushing Eastwards will bring a period of snow to most, further West however this is likely to turn increasingly to rain as the day progresses however Eastern areas look likely to hold onto that cold air, resulting in an all snow event.

Areas in Green

These areas expected to see largely rain, perhaps a very brief area of snow.

Areas in Yellow

Heavy snow will begin to turn to rain through the day, accumulations of 4-6cm possible, particularly over higher ground before turning back to rain.

Areas in Red

Now the forecast becomes tricky, it looks like these areas will see the worst of the snowfall providing the models continue to show the snow in these areas, heavy snowfall through Saturday and into Sunday may result in accumulations of 10-15cm widely, locally 20-25cm certainly not being ruled out.

Final Update tomorrow to take into account model shifts.