Snow Warnings Issued

February 3, 2012

Weather Warnings


Last night I issued a general guide where the snowfall was likely to be, where it’d turn back to rain and where would see the highest accumulations, todays models are out and there’s now a lot more confidence in just where the snow is likely to fall and because of that, I am issuing a Severe Weather Warning.

Warnings Map - Click to Enlarge


Valid: Saturday 4th – Sunday 5th February

Issued For: Heavy Snowfall

Through Saturday and into Sunday a series of advancing weather fronts from the West will push Eastwards across the country, as these hit the cold air rain will steadily turn to snow throughout the day producing some fairly significant accumulations in places.

Yellow: Snow will turn to rain through the day as milder air filters in, accumulations of 4-6cm possible especially over higher ground

Orange: These areas likely to see a more prolonged spell of heavy snow giving larger accumulations, however even here we’re likely to see the snowfall turning to rain.

RED: These areas likely to see the longest spell of snowfall giving significant accumulations, the map below is to be taken as a guide as exact depths are hard to predict. Western areas of this region may see snow turning to sleet and rain, however the further East you are the less likely this is to happen

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4 Comments on “Snow Warnings Issued”

  1. michael haydon Says:

    This follows recent Observations, but hope we get to see an inch or two in Blackpool, so I can take some pics of the lakes near by. Western areas always turn to rain for us, so its dissapointing for the kids who hardly see a flake On the Fylde Coast, In contrast, me and my mates used to go up the South Downs near Beachy Head, (Sussex) and slide, ski the Golf course slopes. Of course, Even after this event, The cold air may well advance again, if one of those lows in near continent or Scandinvia happens to hitch a ride, then a rare easterly Snow event heading to N west England will do the Job, as with no South westerlys to warm the Air, that scenario, is only one, likely to bring Snow in any amount to Nwest Coatal regions. Don’t think this cold weather is actually going away just yet? Thanks for update danial:)


  2. michael haydon Says:

    Just been out to our Mini forest and and The two lakes to take in natures signals.:P

    Its very overcast already in outskirts of Blackpool, But, if anything its even colder today. Thats because the Wind has increased to about force 4 and a slight turn to a North easterly Direction, hence the Frost has gone, But The ice remains solid. On my mobilty scooter, that Wind is knife cutting, and I mean it too, my face was so cold, I had to wrap it round with my scarf, as I saw many with walking there dogs.

    Im going to disagree a little with a lot of these forcasts for rain In Norhwest today:

    I dont think there is any chance of any snow turning to rain In North western Areas, that include Blackpool, Liverpool and Cumbria.

    Lets look at the bigger picture, This is Not A Low pressure area, approaching britain, thats too far away, hence My old barometer pressure reading is still at 30.3, Its the weather fronts associated with it. Its not going to turn the prevailing wind around to any warmer Direction. Ok, temps may lift slightly to 2%C when the snow arrrives in a few hours, but its going to settle easy on frozen ground, and theres no sign of any melting of the ice around our estate at 10.30 am this morning. In any case, most forecasters are warning, even here, temps will fall back again tonight in NWest manchester regions to -1C. That really gives me the impression, that temps will not lift enough to Change the Snow back to rain. In ireland its a differant story, there the really cold mainland Air hasnt really dug in over there, hence, its more viable than Snow will turn to rain Quicker, but at the momment, I think Most forecasters are being to hasty stating Snow turning to rain in the yellow areas danial has shown. I Still think Blackpool will get all snow, for most of the day, dying out much later as it trundles its way southwards, and eastwards, but as danial Knows, even at this late hour, nature can still change its mind, and the fronts may not even make it to South East, Its not the first time, that Winter weather has fooled forecasters. Wether I get this right or wrong will tell very soon, as precipitation of icy Sleet is already falling from the Finger of cumulas clouds, which heralds in the main Event. we will see, I may be eating my words by 3pm 😛


  3. michael haydon Says:

    Very dissapointing for myself and also some friends with Kids in Bristol, For some unknown reason, although being -1C with Bitter N easterly wind , The snow never materialised, all we got was cold Rain, how it was rain instead of snow is beyond me, especially when other parts of the country, got inches of it. Now we got a severe frost and ice and freezing fog here, u cant see a thing, But icicles. But just can’t understand where our snow went too in Blackpool. Think I will give up ever thinking we ever going to get snow here, cos we never do. But we did When I Lived In East sussex Coast. It made no differance to the outcome, was always snow never turned to rain, so whats so differant about the Nwest Coast, it don’t make any sense? Suitably fed up 😦



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