The Week Ahead

February 4, 2012

Weather Forecasts

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We’ve had quite a cold week across much of the United Kingdom and we’ve also seen some significant snowfall, but is this setup likely to continue throughout into next? It looks like we’re going to see more of a West/East split with Eastern areas remaining rather cold whilst Western areas become slightly warmer with spells of rain at times, elsewhere it looks likely to be largely dry.

Towards the end of the week however, there are signs that the colder air will once again spread Westwards across much of the United Kingdom

So a fairly quite week expected, coldest in the East and Mildest in the West, towards the end of the week it looks likely to turn much colder across the entire country with snowfall perhaps returning to the forecast. As always I’ll keep you updated and if anything small pops up within the models at a short time frame I’ll be talking about it.

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4 Comments on “The Week Ahead”

  1. michael haydon Says:

    Given up on forecasters, Giving A blanket of snow, covering the country, like the other day, and then suddenly saying, oh! but not on West Coast, your only getting rain, that sucks so bad, I think I will take all these snow warnings with a pinch of salt from now on, as we didnt see ONE flake. No one in the met office or BBC gives a reason why it will rain instead of snow, and why other parts get a fair share, but we are always left out:( Although When the maps are shown, you can see the snow line right up to the coast line of Nwest england, then they got the cheek to change it 8 hours before & put rain symbols in our area instead of snowflakes, so very very frustrating, when you trying to plan a journey, or do any outside work, or want to have some fun.


  2. Daniel Smith Says:

    Yeah, I was never convinced Western areas would see much in the way of snowfall, it was always going to be rain there in my eyes


  3. michael haydon Says:

    yes danial, But the question is Why rain and not snow, But then we had the hardest frost after since, we been here. So don’t undestand Why Snow falls wgen it gets to Wigan and manchester, but not preston or Blackpool. its a mystery to me šŸ˜›


  4. Daniel Smith Says:

    The reason is due to the positioning of the mild sector, a warm front brought milder air into Western and North-Western areas which meant it fell as rain, whilst further East the cold air stayed in place, hence snowfall


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