Fridays Snow Risk

February 8, 2012

Weather Forecasts

Through the course of Thursday night and into Friday area of rain is expected to push Southwards across the country and as it hits the colder air currently in place it’s likely to turn to snow. There’s still some uncertainty over totals and which areas are likely to see the worst of the snowfall but I think the Midlands South-Eastwards are likely to see a period of heavy snowfall with some fairly large accumulations in places.

The map below is to be taken as a guide, an update to this and a weather warning will be issued on Thursday evening to take into account all the latest information.

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2 Comments on “Fridays Snow Risk”

  1. michael haydon Says:

    As usual, No snow For NWest England again, its actually colder near the Coast this time of year, because of onshore/ offshore winds,which give a wind chill of actually -1C during the day, not plus 3C like they show on maps. In Midlands and home counties, they dont have these Higher strenghts of wind, hence our temps in Lancashire are -7C at night, ice stays until Mid-day for a couple of hours, along with the white hard frost, and The DWP dont think thats cold enough for us to get a cold weather payment yet, even though the two huge wildlife lakes and forest have been frozen solid for nearly 10 days now. The barometer is even higher today, getting on for 20 past as in a clock face. Even when the snow event arrived, the pressure never went lower than 30.


  2. Sarah Kendall Says:

    Thanks for the forecast Daniel. Minus 7 for us (N E Gloucestershire) last night, though we did see -9 last week. The barometer needle pushed as far as it can go 1050 mb last night but is dropping back now.


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