**Snow Warning Issued**

I issued my last update a couple of hours ago and since then, the models have started to agree on where the snowfall is likely to be through tomorrow and into Friday, I have therefore decided to issue a weatherwarning today, rather than tomorrow.

Valid: Thursday 9th – Friday 10th February

Issued For: Heavy Snowfall

Through the course of Thursday a warm front pushing Southwards across the United Kingdom will begin to turn increasingly to snow as it runs into some colder air. Whilst exact snowfall amounts are uncertain the models have got good agreement on where the snowfall is likely to fall during Thursday and Thursday night into Friday.

Orange Zone:  (See Map Below) A weather warning has been issued for this area for some significant snowfall, accumulations in the range of 6-10cm are expected through the course of Thursday and into Thursday night, driving conditions are likely to become dangerous for a time.

Yellow Zone: (See Map Below) A weather advisory has been issued for this area, whilst snowfall is expected to be fairly light and quite patchy in nature accumulations of 1-3cm are possible and due to possible real time shifts in this weather system these areas meet the criteria for an advisory.