The United Kingdom has seen some cold and at times snowy conditions over the last two weeks particularly across more Southern and Eastern areas but it looks like we’ll finally be seeing some milder weather arriving through the weekend and into the early part of next week. whilst the cold weather may initially cling onto the far South-East even here, by early next week it looks like temperatures will be reaching 5-6c. The reason being is High Pressure is shifting and that’s allowing some milder air into the flow which is now beginning to reach surface levels too.

High Pressure looks increasingly likely to develop more to the West of the country which will bring generally dry weather away from the far North where we’re likely to see more in the way of cloud and perhaps some rain from time to time.

As we move through the course of the week much the same is expected however with High Pressure developing out to the West there becomes an increasing risk of colder weather returning from the North, it’s still early days yet but i’ll keep you updated.